Automation 360 platform and AppSheet

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I am looking forward to seeing what the Automation 360 platform will look like, although it may be different from the current Automation functionality.

Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360 platform will be available on Google Cloud (generally available in May 2021), and together they will bring RPA capabilities to multiple Google Cloud products, including Apigee, AppSheet, and AI Platform.

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Appsheet will soon have own ”Bot” for Automation, Google Cloud seems to have another own bot as well. Sounds like the story would get more complicated with bunch of bot in front of us?
But regardless of the number of the bots we have, we will surely have more of the capabilities wiht Appsheet. Looking foward to it.

bot under construction?

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In my mind, this is how I imagine the preparations beginning.
I’m sure a lot of secret gadgets will be popping up!

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