Automation action working on main account but not on invitee one

Hello guys, I have an action that sets a column from False to True and have a bot that checks when that column change to TRUE, it runs the following process, a task (send email) and then runs an action that change the column back from TRUE to FALSE. This feature works on my owners account. However, on the invitee accounts it runs it until the last action that it suppose to take back the column from TRUE to False. Any suggestions? Thanks guys

Note: I’m using not shared database. Every user gets their private spreadsheet created when they first sign in.

Have you checked the Monitor pages for any errors?

How are you achieving this? With the Appsheet feature or some other method?

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I simply assumed you are using so called “private tables” and attempt to update data through the BOT.

I never tested before, but BOT is always runs at server side , so it is backend services. When the bot starts to run, they do start the process, send email etc. When you reach out to the step to change the data through the action, AppSheet (server) does not know which data (spreadsheet privately hosted by each users) should be updated. So no data update will happen.

Maybe I m incorrect.


@tsuji_koichi why would appsheet not know which data sheet to be updated if appsheet creates the table for each user using the user’s ID to differentiate each private table.

For instance. I created a private table called clients. When the user downloads the app, appsheet automatically creates a table called appname-user’s ID_clients under their cloud storage.

It doesn’t makes sense that the backend of appsheet updates the table using share tables and not for private tables if the cloud it’s serving as the database server on both scenarios.

Plus it does update the table when I run the first action to change it to True. The action that checks when that column changes to True, change it back to False it’s what’s not working under private tables, which it’s weird to me.

@WillowMobileSystems read private tables, it explains how to do it. Under the data/tables/security I believe it is that there is an option that you activate to set each table either shared or private. You have to keep each private table separately though when you do this.

As I previously mentioned, I believe this is limitation imposed by the BOT capability coupled with Private Table settings.
Until BOT is fired by triggered by the data change event, BOT is runnable, but once the BOT starts its steps, like to run a data change action, BOT does not have capability to reach out to the data which is privately saved by each app user, so unable to execute data change against private table.


Do you know if Workflows functioned correctly with Private Tables? They must of. I’ve not yet needed to use them so don’t know.

I have no past experience with Private tables with me, so not sure how it used to work with workflow, but more importantly better to know how it is now working with BOT.

I was working towards a point. If Private Tables works with Workflows and was overlooked in the implementation of Bots, it’s likely not an easy fix to retro-fit the feature. This would be a very good reason to keep Workflows active, at least for the affected users, until the gap can be fixed.

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