Automation Actions fail on Required columns relying on an Initial Value to fill them

Actions of type “Data: add a new row to another table using values from this row” run just fine (as actions or Workflow rules) as long as all required columns are either a) defined using values in the action or b) have a valid Initial Value column set that fills them automatically. However, if you run an action via an Automation, it won’t run unless you define all of the required columns right in the action.

This is a pretty major bug if Appsheet is going to port all Workflows over to Automations. Here is the kind of error that is reported in the Monitoring dashboard:

Error: Perform DataAction 'Action Name' failed because Row having key 'RowKey' in table 'MyTable' in field 'RequiredButHasValidInitialValueFormula' is required to have a value. Error: 'Add Row' Data action 'Action Name' failed with exception Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

The action should let the Initial Value column fill the values, otherwise developers will need to maintain formulae for Initial Value and the ones filled in by actions in parallel for data consistency.