Automation BOT Email Step Question

Ultimately what I’m trying to do is use another table that stores reply email content and SMS numbers and content such as the To Email Subject Email Body Reply To From Display PreHeader

Here’s what I’m seeing:

I have a virtual in the table that the bot is pointed to that grabs information from that table , here is example of the virtual

SELECT(Job Request Response[Your Phone],true)

Here is an example of the template that is generated: <<[Your Email Response]>>

When I run it nothing happens. The bot moves as far as the first failure then stops

I want to point out that I ran a test in a normal workflow and it populated everything as intended.

The same is true for send SMS, again the virtual what is shown above when I enter it [Your SMS Number] it comes back approved, but fails.

Again ran this with in a workflow outside of the bot and it worked just fine.
It’s as though it’s not seeing the data in the virtual or maybe I have setup the virtual incorrectly. Although it works with a normal workflow.

BTW, love the automation module, will help me a lot.


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