Automation bot getting false triggers

Hello friends, i’m getting started with automation so i made a simple bot that sends a document via mail when an specific action is used in the app, the bot is triggered when there’s a change made in a specific column using [_THISROW_BEFORE] and [_THISROW_AFTER] but the bot is getting triggered when other actions are done as well, and no other actions change the trigger column for that bot.

The column that triggers the bot is “Imprimircorto”.

Here’s the bot configuration:

Also here’s the configuration for the only action that should trigger the event:

And here’s the configuration for another action that triggers it for some reason:

Any advice is welcome, im wasting a lot on ink printing those duplicates

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There is a known issue in the expression evaluation when evaluating empty columns if the Imprimircorto column is empty [Imprimircorto] <> [Imprimircorto] might evaluate to true.

In order to protect from that its suggested that you use ISNOTBLANK(), ISNOTBLANK() | AppSheet Help Center


Thanks @Dan_Bahir, added a ISNOTBLANK() check to the bot condition:


I’ll test that to see how it works out.

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See also:


Thanks Steve, those posts explain really well that quirk, adding the ISNOTBLANK() seems to be the easiest solution for the issue.