Automation Condition overlooked with before / after values to trigger email workflow

I have a workflow rule that should only email a specific group when 1 of 4 values change.

The logic is this:

The problem is, anytime the table has a data change, it ignores the condition and sends users unwanted emails.

I’ve tried [_thisrowafter]; also with no luck. I have 3 other Automation bots in the same app, and they seem to work fine.

Lastly, i have similar logic in the Old “Behavior > Workflow” area that is working fine, using the same…

OR … old value <> new/current value


any ideas?

Make sure the =/<> quirk isn’t a problem.

I default the values to zero, so the left side should also have a value. I have similar logic in the old workflow, so I was wondering if it might have something to do with the new automation features. I’ll take another look and make sure it’s not the quirk and report back.

Thanks Steve



Je rencontre le même problème, avez vous trouvé une solution?



Please contact for help with this.