Automation - Daily schedule

Hi AppSheet team,

I am trying to use the Automation feature to create reminder records in my app. The daily schedule does not seem to be triggering and the monitoring is not showing any activity.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create action
  2. test through user interface
  3. verify that action creates reminder records as intended
  4. create task, process and event to call the action once per day

a. no records created
b. automation monitoring does not show any activity

Expected behaviour:
a. reminder records should be created
b. automation monitoring should show activity or errors where action failed

I appreciate this is a new feature and I am happy to work with the team to investigate what might be the issue here.

Thank you,


Hi Gordon,

Is you App deployed ?

Schedule events are only registered when applications are deployed.


No it wasn’t deployed. I’ve deployed it again and tried once more - nothing has happened.

I suspect that this is because I haven’t upgraded from the free account. I’m doing this for a charity and I don’t think I can justify a paid version for a small efficiency gain for a handful of people.

I’m going to leave the automation here and just use the basic features.

Thanks for your help,



I have the same problem, I haven’t deployed the app It’s for my personal use (Prototype App) and my account is free

Can it work in Prototype Or that is impossible?

Sorry, it needs to be deployed.

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I really like using the appsheet, I have made several applications. Is it only deploy but not pro, can it be run?

Do you get anything when you manually run the bot?

yes, when i click run, then i get what i want. but can not work according to the schedule that I have set. I use the free appsheet, the application has been deployed, but only for private users

Its proably then either something to do with timezones or the rule you’ve set in conjunction with the schedule