Automation does not work

I have a Parent (work remittance) table that sums the work hours from my child (task) table. When the parent table adds the working hours of the child table, the parent table will update the price of the working hour in the parent table. I must add this price to the child table. the two tables are fed back. When I press the buttons, the calculation is done well, but if I try to do it by bots, it does not calculate anything.

This process sounds terribly inefficient, but your description is also very confusing so maybe I misunderstood. Some elaboration may help here, with screenshots.

What buttons?

How do you have your Bots defined?

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BOT gives us all the confusion here, so not sure what the real problem here you share…
But my thought was why you involve Automation here? Can you acheve your goals with just action or other workaround without bot involved?

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I think I have the same problem.
I have an action that its supposed to create a new row in the same table.

For example I record:
Account CounterAccount Amount Concept Type
CASH Travel Expenses -100 Hotel X Travel
(the Type field is autocalculated with the App formula [Concept].[Type], because [Concept] is a Ref type)

So I want the Bot to automatically create:
Account CounterAccount Amount Content Type
Travel Expenses CASH +100 Hotel X Travel
(However the Action does not allow me to populate the Type field (becuase it has an App formula) and later when the Bot is triggered the Type field is empty)

Maybe it is because I don’t know how to deliver a Ref value to the Concept field, so the Type field can be calculated.
When you input data, you are choosing from a List, so a Ref value is input in the form.
Maybe somebody else can help us with this.

I don’t see why this should be a bot; instead, a set of actions should be sufficient.

For all its hype, Automation shouldn’t be a big part of most apps. Most of the functionality should due to expressions in columns, or in actions that are triggered by buttons or form saves.


BOT brought confusions for average app creators for sure.

The things we can do with Action alone, people get started to try with Automation.

I dont have any control over this “automation”…


i agree with you @tsuji_koichi

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