Automation emailing a slice

I have an automation that I need to run once a month, on the first day. It should email the records in a slice to multiple addresses. Problem is, the slice doesn’t show up as a usable table in the process. what gives? Something so simple shouldn’t be this difficult to achieve.

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I believe in the “Process”, one defines the table on which the task below is based on

Below is a task under the process where one can define a slice to run the report on

In the task under that process please select a slice to run the report on

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That doesn’t seem to work, unless I associate the event with every row of the table, which gives me 18+ emails when I only need one.

Okay, got it. Please try below.

Please select none in the process under table selection.

Under Events, please deselect for Each Row in Table

The report template needs to be compatible to handle multiple rows, meaning it should have a
<<START: SELECT(… ) statement , si that multiple records are included in the report from the slice something like below


@Suvrutt_Gurjar, that worked!! I was able to pull all rows into one email instead of multiple emails (one for each row). Thank you for your solution. I hope others also having this problem find this. Thank you!!


Thanks the solution here. I had the same problem and just trying to automate a weekly email of a slice.
Following your directions I have:

  1. Assigned the Table Name to my slice under “tasks”
  2. Changed the Table to “none” under Processes
  3. Turned off ForEachRowInTable under “events”.
    The last part is where I need help. How and where do I set up this “report template”?
    Please advise,
    Thank you so much!
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