Automation Events not allowed with the FREE plan

I am using a free account.
I want to deploy with a free account, but I get the following error

Invalid subscription plan: ReceiptUpload-2924758: Automation Events not allowed with the FREE plan

Where can I disable Automation Events?

Please let me know.


I have been having the same issue. I don’t have any Automation Events created and I checked the app features (under Manage>Author and clicked “Analyze app features”). It doesn’t tell me that any of my features are causing errors.

Currently, all my app does is offer two displays for one table in my Google Sheet document, one display does have a slice filter in place but no automation. I also made the whole app read-only.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Please contact for help with this.

I contacted.
Please note that this is a different email address from the one on your account due to circumstances here.


We have identified the root cause and will deploy a fix for this issue tomorrow.


I have encountered the same problem. Should I contact or just wait for your fix?

It’s a good idea to contact to help develop a fuller picture of how many are affected by the problem.

The fix for this issue has been deployed.

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