Automation-First Sunday of Month

Can anyone confirm how the schedule in automation considers the first week in the month? Does it consider the first week to be the first FULL week?

For instance; The month of October starts on a Friday. Does the automation schedule consider the first week to have started on that Friday through the following Thursday OR does it consider the first week to start on Sunday, the 3rd?

I need to setup an automation schedule that will run on the first Sunday of the month.

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Hi @Michael

you may want to add a condition on the Event trigger, in order to make sure today’s sunday is the first sunday of the month as you would like it.

Spontaneously, I would say:
If the event is set to trigger on every sunday, and you want to have a full week at the begginning of the month before firing your bot, then you may want to make sure current day is more than 6 days.
So, condition would be:

For reference:


I assume you clarified your need AFTER the first response above?

I would setup your bot as described by @Aurelien - to run on each Sunday. But for the Condition I would use the expression:

DAY(TODAY()) <= 7

This should trigger the bot on the FIRST Sunday of each month.


Hi @WillowMobileSystems

Thank you for your additional contribution !
From memory the request was not changed, the question was a mix of sunday after full week and first sunday regardless of full week, according to my understanding.
From memory :innocent: !

Well now, @Michael you will have the choice into picking what fits the most to your need ! :slight_smile:

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Except the original post explicitly states…


About that:

I don’t remember, at reading again I don’t think it was that clear when I answered the post, because here there is no place to doubt.
It was more oriented toward the full week aspect, so you are probably right.

Anyway, @Michael feel free to let us know if you have the answer to your question !

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John’s on the money here.

However, I went a different route. I set up a slice that the automation runs against and set the bot to run once a month.