Automation for sending emails with an xls attached. Filter not applied

Hi everyone! I hope you are all very well, in good health above all!

Again I need help, this time with automation for sending emails with an xls attached.
this is the automation i generated.

I have received the email, but it did not respect the filter.

I have surely made an involuntary error, which is why the filter is not being performed.
Please, could you help me solve it?

Thank you!

In what way did it not respect the filter?

Looking at your filter, putting it into words, it is accepting rows where the [Fecha] dae is more than 1 week in the past.

That means as the days progress, the bot is picking up more and more older records. You will will be re-processing many of the same records again and again each time the bot runs. So for example, a year from now your bot will be picking up ALL of the rows for the year EXCEPT those with a date within the most recent week.

Is this the intention of your bot?

I suspect you really only want those records that are NEW within the past week. If so, then your expression should be (just flip the operator):

[Fecha] > TODAY() - 7

It may even need to be the below depending on the precise day you really need to grab rows from:

[Fecha] >= TODAY() - 7

always, as the proverb says … two eyes see more than one … THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!