Automation : inconsistency to select the table on task (bug)

Let me explain as simply as possible.

  1. Create new bot
  2. Set event on data change event
  3. Move to process to set up
  4. Create new task (to send email for instance)
  5. Hit Task action button to generate new task
  6. AppShee is picking up the table name on task which is same as the table for event

Save BOT, which is fine.

Twist set up a bit.

For step 6, we change the table name to something else.

Still savable. I remember AppSheet throw error before as the table name of event is not consistant with the table name on task, but strangely, it is not throwing error on appsheet editor. The change on editor still savable.

Execute this erroneous bot to run.

No error on editor, but app monitor is throwing error. (off course)

The chain of those behavior is erroneous to me. Better to throw errow when we app creator pick up wrong table name for task, which is not a table name for event.

Another ones.

On event settings ,we are only able to pick up table name (no slice is selectable). Then on the task for the same bot, we are able to pick up slice for those tasks. This seems to me a bit confusing why this can be accepted and would happen.

On event setting (against whole table records), the bot should be triggerted, but for the task adhered to the same bot, we could set it to run on the basis of “slice”… I m not testing anything with the sample apps, but just wonder the case where the the event is to happen on a certain row, which is “slice out” by slice which is set to task as table name. Event happens over a row, which is eliminated by the slice, but the task is set agaist slice…

For me, ilogical, even Appsheet is not throwing any errors, while i believe those settings is erroneous to me.