Automation....not automating

So I have setup two automations, one linked to a calendar, the other just a generic reminder for everyone to login and update info every morning.

Scenario 1:

checks to see if today’s date matches the date of the task on a calendar( a birthday). Checked and this works

and then supposed to send a notification to the user( me) with info etc

but I am not getting the notifications, but someone else in the company is.

Scenario 2:

just a dialy reminder to login, same setup as above, but not referencing any tables, and no specified users( which I was hoping would mean it would just send it to everyone, or do I have to put in everyones email addresses?

Is the app deployed?

Yes you have to specify exactly who to send to.

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Is the app deployed?

No it is not, was hoping we could continue testing this out first, does automations only work in deployment?

Yes you have to specify exactly who to send to.

So what happens if you want to include a large group of people? Is there no way to, for example, have a group of users called staff vs clients and then just specify the column value only? And those users that fall within that get the automation?

Automation emails only get sent to the app owner on an un-deployed app. I believe there are multiple spots in the editor where this is mentioned, I guess they’re not quite obvious enough.

Yes, you can specify multiple email addresses in a number of different ways.

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I checked all the various stages of building a bot from the automation screen and nowhere does it state in any of the stages that in undeployed apps, notifications will only go to the app owner.

Logically, this kind of notification should appear where people actually are interacting with that section.

but thanks for the advise.

The event schedule requires the app to be deployed. Had the same peoblem myself.
As for the sending the notification to several people try something with the concept of “looping actions” there are several posts here about that. Feel free to ask more questions