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Hello everyone, how are you, I hope you are very well enjoying good health and freedom!

Dear, I need help again.
I tell you, I have designed a bot that what it tries to do is notify the planned daily activities, at 12:00 PM. The planned activities are obtained from the PLANIFICACION table.

But, I can’t get results …

I share how I designed the bots to help me detect the error I am making, or if you can guide me with an example that does something similar, it would be great
This is the bot…

The template that is with which I will obtain the data I need from the PLANIFICACION table is the following

<<Start: Filter(Planificaciones, true)>><<( AND([FechaPlanificada] = TODAY(),[ID_AREA]=“EG”))>>

I really appreciate your collaboration

You won’t see test results by hitting the “Test” button. This is because your Bot is configured with “ForEachRowInTable” off - which is CORRECT in your scenario. A Bot like this simply triggers the Process and the template itself is responsible for collecting and reporting the specific rows.

To see if your template is reporting correctly, use the “Run” button to test it. Click “Monitor” to check for any errors.

NOTE: If the app is NOT deployed, Scheduled Bots will NOT run automatically.


hello John. Thank you!!
The app is deploy. I executed the bots, but the email not sended…

IN the lower left hand corner of the Monitor window are the Steps. Click on each step to see the details. Does it show the correct email address for the report to be sent to?

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ok, this is the steps, with the details…

I don’t see anything that marks an error…

I agree and it looks like at least some kind of attachment was produced. It looks like the recipient email address is “”.

The next step is to check that email account to see if the AppSheet email was sent to a Spam or Junk folder.

If not seen there, then you’ll need to check with the Service Provider to see if the AppSheet emails are being blocked in some way. If so, there is likely a way to “whitelist” the AppSheet sender address so they are allowed through. Many services that generate emails on a customers behalf are subject to these kind of blocks until they are explicitly allowed.


the address is correct, I cannot find it in spam, and the emails from appshet are not being blocked, and I assure this because I am receiving emails from the application … this is very strange …

At this point I can only recommend contacting AppSheet support at:

Login - AppSheet

I am sure there is something we are missing but I don’t what it could be at the moment.

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Thanks! i contacted AppSheet support!


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Where is this screenshot from in your very first post?

It looks like a Test result screen, but there are no records. If there are no records in your Table, then a Bot has nothing to run on.

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hi @Marc_Dillon , yes there are records in the table …

this is the filter to execute in the tamplate…

<<Start: Filter(Planificaciones, true)>><<( AND([FechaPlanificada] = TODAY(),[ID_AREA]=“EG”))>>

I think I have found the problem, I have replaced the following expression in the template…
<<Start: Filter(Planificaciones, true)>><<( AND([FechaPlanificada] = TODAY(),[ID_AREA]=“EG”))>> … <>
the new expression is:

<<Start: Filter(PLANIFICACIONES, AND([FechaPlanificada] = TODAY(),[ID_AREA]=EG))>>


But now I have a problem that I don’t know how to solve, and it is with the header, since I get the data from a table PLANIFICACIONES where the data is repeated FECHA_A_REALIZAR, MOVIL …


This is the Table…

could you help me solve this?

I believe the issue is that you have the <<Start...>>/<<End>> in the same table cell. So the expression is simply repeating in that cell. Try moving the <<End>> into one of the other column cells in the row.

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@John_Baer . Thanks for your help, I made that change, but nevertheless I do not solve what I need.
What I am looking for is that this data. [FECHA_A_REALIZAR], even if it is repeated in the PLANIFICACIONES table, in the header of the report, it is only seen once…