Automation "Send an email"

Hello, I found out that the “workflow” section is going to disappear, so I start working with the “automation” section.
A problem arises, I generate the process, the task, the bot but when I start it up it never sends the email.
I checked the automation but I can’t find where the error is.

How can I replicate a “Send an email” workflow from the automation section? I think I am doing something wrong, I also checked the email template.


I will asume you dont use the default content for the email , if you have an attachment from what i could gather the errors for them wont show in the test page , you will have to go to the monitoring app and search for the bots you want to see what went wrong.

I’m assuming that the test page is for the legacy workflows and the monitoring app will take over.

@Steve is that correct ?

I don’t know. That’s a question more for @prithpal.

I’m not using the default content, it’s true, I didn’t know that through monitoring I could see if there were errors in the template.
This function is quite new and I’m still trying to learn how to use it.

I click on “Monitor” and show me the next page, empty.

I found it by chance as i also had a similar problem

Oh then i would wait for Prithpal as i have no clue if it goes to the monitoring app if you use the test function , but try to invoque it normally a few times , maybe i will show up. Sorry i cant be of more help.

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I used to face the same problem, and what I did is recreate the template, and save it as Google Sheet. It does help me.

You may give it a try.

The “Test” page will continue to function for automation bots as well just as it does for workflow rules.

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Is your app deployed or in a prototype state?

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So the error in the attachment template appears in the “Test” page as it appears for workflows? Because i wasnt seeing it there i had to go to the monitoring app. Is this the expected behavior ? could you clarify on this issue ?

My app is in prototype state, when i run the TEST i receive the message “Sucess!” but the email never sents

Look into the “Monitor” app of your bots. You may find additional informations :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply, sometimes when i click in monitor i can see all information of events and process but sometimes looks like this:

Ow :rofl: I don’t have this.
You may want to contact on this case.

I saw various people on the community today (didn’t come for a few days) describing that behavior with the monitor app, it may be a temporary issue.


When is the workflow section going away and how long do we have to migrate to this new automation?