Automation send report - column did not appear on the email


I need your expertise. I created a bot that sends a weekly report. Unfortunately, some of the columns on my table did not appear on the attachment template(PDF). Please see the below image for your reference.

When I tried to test the formula on my column, it shows the value. For example, I tested the formula(expression) for Assessment Status of PDM001; it showed STARTED but blanked on the email template.


Thank you, it works!

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One more question, every time I hit the run button on the bot, I received multiple emails containing the same content. How do I limit the number of emails to 1? Please see the below screenshot for the setup.

I’m afraid I don’t have enough experience with bots to offer guidance there.

This has been resolved already, through experiment. LOL

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I am having the same issue, multiple emails, what was your solution?

Hi Sir,

Is this part of the AppSheet training exercise? From what module po?

Hi, nop, I am having the same problem, report that sends several emails with the same info. I just need one mail


Please untick Foreachrowinatable

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