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I am new to the channel and quite new user for Appsheet. I am sorry if I used the incorrect terms or created the thread in the wrong place.
I try to do receive email 7 days before due date, I can receive the mail when I press the (RUN) button, but can’t automatically received the time I set, where should I check? thanks for help.

I don’t understand what you mean by this part.

I do understand that you want to send a reminder 7 days before the due date specified on the row. You also say that you DO receive an email. I’m just not clear what is wrong with the email you are getting.

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Hi @shianreon2002
Is your app Deployed?

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Thanks for your help and reply.
I can received the mail when I click the “Run” button.

but the workflow schedule was not trigger to send daily email at the time I was set.

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Thanks for your reply!
my appsheet is not Deployed yet.

I just tried to Dployed, but still not working for auto sending email.

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it’s means I can’t received the mail without click the “Run” button.

Your bot is set to run Daily at 3:23 PM Taipei time, at least in the image above it was. I suppose you are changing the time to see if it runs?

Are you sure you have rows that meet your Filter Criteria - within 7 days of the Due Date?

What is the data type defined for your Due Date column? Using “=” with Dates, depending on the stored values, can cause unexpected results. I would recommend changing your Filter Criteria to one of the below expressions:

TODAY() + 7 = DATE([Due Date])

The DATE() function will ensure there is no Time component of the Date being considered.

TODAY()+7 >= [Due Date]

If there is a time component tor the [Due Date] then this will handle it but be aware that rows with a Time portion other than midnight will be picked up one day later. This expression will also pick up any rows that might be entered late - i.e. have a [Due Date] already less than 7 days when entered.

TODAY()+7 >= DATE([Due Date])

Probably the best option - it ignores Time so will pick up rows on the Due Date AND will capture any rows that might be inserted Later or even where Due Date was changed/corrected to an earlier Date.

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Thank you so much for everything!!!

Yes, or how can I test to see if it runs?

I think this formula is the best choice!!

I try to do the same thing in this video


At the designated video Time, they are creating a Filter Condition based on the Date is Tomorrow AND the Status is Incomplete. The video shows the Event Filter Condition on Date and then continues with inserting a branching condition.

While it’s important to know how to use a branching condition, in the use case in the video (and I’m guessing your use case) It makes the bot a little bit more complicated than it needs to be - especially if you are only expecting to use 1 side of the branch.

I would recommend creating the Event Filter Condition expression to filter for BOTH conditions. Make your Filter condition expression like this:

     TODAY()+7 >= DATE([Due Date]),
     [Status] = "Incomplete"

Then your Process step only needs to be the one task to send the Emails.

Using bot in this will get you the SAME list of rows for which to send emails to BUT will be a little more efficient.

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Thank you so much, I will try to do this!!!

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