Automation Survery

I got mails about the survery for new Automation in Appsheet, but for me, it is not making sense as it is still “preview”…

Question is asking how we utilize and use the new Automation…

this is still preview. Some questions do not make sense to me AT ALL.

Automation is still preview, not being recommended to push into production app.

Howe can we answer to those quetions?

I m sorry to say, but this is silly.

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@praveen ^^


I admit this is ”Google way" (Not appsheet way )which I never being impressed… Thanks for taking up anyway, Steve.

@prithpal ^

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@tsuji_koichi we are trying to understand what the past few months have been like for anyone using the capability. The survey is completely optional, no need to complete it if you do not agree with the sentiment. You would have received the option to participate by opting in for early access.

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