Automation - Trigger BOT by data change made by another BOT

hi @prithpal

I m bit confused if I m on the correct understanding to the BOT in terms of BOTs are engaged.

I created quick test app, where there are two tables. One is parent and another is child, both are connected through REF.

I made a first bot which will add new row to child table upon adding new row to parent table. This works.

Then made another bot associated to child table.

This bot will be triggered upon adding new row to child table. Then add new row to own (child table)

On this test, I assumed the second bot will be run once we run 1st bot, but sadly it is not working. 2nd BOT is not triggered to run.

Is this by design?

It looks obvious to me that BOT will not be triggeref by data change event, whose data change is made by another bot.

I remember it used to be working, one bot trigger anothe bot by data change event triggered which is initiated by 1st bot, but not obviously this function and featuer is gone now.


Appreiciate for your input and advice.


One data change event (performed by a user) can trigger subscribed bots to execute. However, the further data change made within those triggered bots will not generate new events, so that no other bots will be triggered as well. This is by design. As an workaround, you could rely on webhook to perform the data change.

The good news is we are working on a new feature that allows the suppressed data change events to trigger other bots to execute. But it is not available right now.


Hi @Lusha_Wang1

Thank you very much for your crystal clear clarification. Knowing the fact is quite important for us for now, and understood it is not currently supported, which is fine.

If Bot starts to listen to other BOT and their change, it is possible we could end up with infinite loop between BOTs, sounds like it is a technical challenges in terms of how to avoid possible scenario. But looking foward to seeing new additional features of BOT combination.
Thank you again.


We are working through some of those design choices to ensure that recursive situations can be handled gracefully. We will create a post in the community as we get closer.

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For now, to create task with AppSheet webhook for data change and attached to BOT1 and then BOT2 would be able to listen event (yet tested) according to Lusha, as an available workaround to connect multiple BOTs together, but setting up Webhook is always taking time, so not a fisrt choice.

If we managed to achieve this more easily while avoiding recursive situation, it would extend Automation feature to further extent for sure. Looking forward to hearing new news over it. Thank you @prithpal

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Can 2 bots listen for the same data change and then setupn1 bot for a longer wait before executing?

I am not sure I understand your question here. What do you mean by “setupn1 bot”? Multiple bots can listen to the same data change event.

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