Automation VS Behavior

I haven’t had any time or development going on that has made me use the automation tab and I don’t particularly have time to just go diving into it and learning it. My question is should I just rip off the Band-Aid and make any future actions/workflows through the automation tab since it seems like its pretty much an expansion/eventual replacement of workflows? Or am I just fine continuing with workflows until I find the time to learn Automation?
(No care is given to the expanded list of things that can be done with Automation atm just what currently exists in workflows as well)

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Given that automation is beta and explicitly shouldn’t be relied upon for production apps, I intend to keep using workflow.


+1 to what @Steve mentioned. Automation is still in “preview” so not recommended for your production use cases yet.

That being said, you can continue using workflows for now. Once we go GA, we will announce migration plans for existing workflows. Workflows “will” be deprecated at some point in time in the future.


I prefer that existing workflow stay available even after Automation is in play officially rather thna being kicked out.
I m not testing New Automation much, but impression is we would be able to do almost everything what I need with existing workflow without Automation.
Only the thing current Workflow is not able to do is Spreadsheet event triggered bits and pieces, but for the time being, I m not able to find much of practical use case for Appsheet event add on.



We just got kicked out, sad times.


We are allowing customers to continue creating new workflows/reports for couple more weeks, please follow this thread Upcoming product changes for updates.

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En mi caso. tengo dos bot con correos electrónicos. Me están funcionando perfectamente.

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