Automation "wait for a condition"

I have a “Processes” where I call a “Task” several times, but I need to give it time between calls, I think that about 10 seconds would serve between calls to make it work properly, but what I was concerned about was the following … …


but [UPD] that is in the table where the process says that it does not exist …

Could anyone help me ?
Thank you
I don’t know if it works anyway, any other ideas?

the process

the error…

That’s not how the “wait for a condition” works. The Bot isn’t just sitting there re-evaluating the expression every X amount of seconds/minutes until it returns True. It requires another data change trigger.

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We are currently working on adding a feature that would allow to the wait step to wait x amount of time.

In the mean time until that is deployed. What is the Task you are calling? If its a webhook task into your service you could call back to the AppSheet API when it completed its task to continue the execution of the process. That could be facilitated by a column that is updated on the row.


Thx, i will use that idea, a column updated