Autoplay not working on embedded YouTube videos

When a video is opened from the browser it works on most devices. However in the app, after setting a paramater on your youtube video like “?autoplay=1” it still just opens the YouTube video and you need to press play.

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Hi Jake, due to changes to the Autoplay policy that Google introduced since April 2018, the autoplay parameter is no longer supported for embedded Youtube videos. There might be a workaround, but it might take some time for us to develop one, and I’m afraid that I can’t give you any concrete timeline for it right now.

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are you sure? It doesn’t say anything about that here:

Please refer to this announcement about the change in autoplay policy:

There has been another update that might make it possible for us to work around this, but for I’m afraid that for now this is not supported yet. We will add this to our to-do list.

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Thank you!

I have another question.

On my iPad app, when I launch a video and press play the first time after syncing it works. The video plays as expected.

After I leave that video by pressing the Appsheet back button then trying a new video, the new video will not play, or some controls are not working like the settings button on the YouTube controls. Sometimes the video doesn’t even render and a white screen shows up.

Any idea why that may be happening?

Here’s the blank screen as described:

Sometimes it will open a new video but the video won’t load… see my screenshot below (both of these issues seem to be mostly on my iPad):