Autoselect on enumlist based on previous answer

(Andrian Andreev) #1

hello i want to know if it is possible to auto select certain information on my enumlist based on the previous selections?

(Steve Coile) #2

It is, though if the EnumList column is editable by the user, auto-selection will stop if the user modifies the EnumList. Set the column’s Initial value property to an expression that produces a list of the auto-selected values. For instance:

+ IFS(ISBLANK([Spouse Name]), {"not married"})
+ LIST(IF(([Postal Code] = "90210"), "local", "not local"))
+ IFS([Do you have a car?], {"has car"})
  1. LIST() starts with a blank list.

  2. + IFS(ISBLANK([Spouse Name]), {"not married"}) adds not married to the EnumList if the Spouse Name column is blank.

  3. + LIST(IF(([Postal Code] = "90210"), "local", "not local")) adds local to the list if the Postal Code column value is 90210; otherwise, not local is added.

  4. + IFS([Do you have a car?], {"has car"}) adds has a car to the list if the user chose Y for the Do you have a car? question.

(Andrian Andreev) #3

thank you i will try it out later tonight

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