Autosuggest Email ID's from Gsuite

Helo All,

I am a beginner , exploring Appsheet.
Could you please help with the possibility of implementing below requirement.
I have a field in one of my form’s which is of type Email. For this field i want to provide autosuggest from Email id’s of my company’s GSuite account. like for example

Hi, you can prefill the email address with the expression USEREMAIL(). If you add that expression to initial value field, it will read user’s email address when the new record is created. If you want to read it when the record is updated as well, you should add it into Appsformula field. You can find this initial value from column’s definition.

Hello Aleksi,

Thank you for quick response.
using USEREMAIL(), function we get logged in users email id , but i want to auto suggest emails from list of all email id’s of my domain and user can choose any email id from the list.

You would need to use for example an Enum field and then add your emails as an option or you can add them with a Valid If option like LIST(,,…). If you have an Users table in your app, you can read them with the Users[Email] formula.

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I do not have a table with list of users, instead i want to use Directory API from Google as in

If you want to read your users for the app, you can’t read them directly with the API, I believe. One option is if you read them with the GAS into your gSheet. then the app can use them from a table.

This is exactly what i thought as well, As Appsheet is now google integrated i want to check if there is some direct way to integrate.
Thanks a ton Aleksi, your answers is very helpful.


You’re welcome

Not sure if this help, but looks there are few google sheet add on to extract g suite userlist onto google sheet. Not sure if this is useful nor they have schedule refresh feature etc.