Average by sub-type

Yes I do, thank you.

Ok, first issue- I changed the type of both columns to Text to get rid of an error earlier. Now only the key is showing instead of the user name. When I change it back to Ref I get this error-

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 9.03.56 PM

Change user , category fields type to TEXT instead of REF

When I do Text I only get the key written as a string, 2nd screenshot

Oh sorry if you have user and category table, then chage the label to the field you want to display.

Currently, ID / Key fiels shold be selected as LABEL.

This seems to do the trick! Thanks so much!

One thing that surprised me was that the Action only enters a new row in the new table if it is a unique entry. Where does this constraint live? The name of the action is “add a new row using values from this row”. It seems it would add a new row every time there is a new entry in the source table regardless of whether it’s a repeat.

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Actually it is adding new row by this type of action. But if there is exisiting row with same key, appsheet is just overwrite. Nothing odd, but twisting this native behavior to achieve your goal this time

But most importantly, now you get to your goal, hopefully.

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I see, it simply overwrites it. Very useful! Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time.

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You are welcome.

I thought I would ask on this thread before adding a new question. When I delete from a parent table, “Is a part of” is working for all child tables except for the one I created here that is populated using an action.

It’s set up in the same way as the other 2 tables, on the REF virtual column for User, but when a User is deleted, the rows associated with that user in the Category_Dash table do not delete. Any ideas?