Avoid accumulating "users" with sample apps

Hi! I got this error today after I took a sample app off my portfolio page and changed it back to a prototype app:

Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 23.18.14

It seems that I had close to twenty users – more than the free limit of 10. I want people to be able to copy and use my sample apps (that’s why I make them, after all) but I want to avoid getting errors like this. In that regard I have two questions:

  1. Was there something wrong with my settings when I made that sample app public? In other words, could I have prevented people from becoming “users”?
  2. Is there a way to purge users from a sample app? AppSheet tells me how to pay money to keep my users but it doesn’t help me get back to the free plan. I made another copy of my sample app and erased the original. That got rid of the error message but I wonder if there’s a better way to do it.
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Is you sample app configured as a sample app?

Thanks! I thought it was but maybe that was my mistake. If it is properly configured as a sample app, does that mean that I won’t accumulate users?

By the way, I only received an error after removing the sample app from my portfolio page and reverting it to “prototype” status.

Yep. A configured sample app doesn’t send any data to the servers; data sent to the servers is what triggers the user accumulation. But, as a result, sample apps cannot demonstrate functionality provided by workflows, reports, web hooks, or the API,all of which are handled by the server. Sample apps can be copied, though, and once copied the user can test those functions with their copy.


Thanks! I guess I just made a mistake! I’ll be more careful about the “sample” designation next time!