Avoid nesting function if possible

This may be useful.

I’ve often urgently copied functions from somewhere for my own uses like NOT(CONTEXT(“ViewType”)=“FORM”) that, thereafter, I saw the unnecessary of NOT() wrapping if there is only one condition in an expression. For example


can be replaced with


In some case, longer always better but in programming shorter always better :blush:


Yes, in Appsheet <> means NOT as syntax, but thanks for sharing your findings! Well done!!
This post will be found useful surely.

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Another sample from my own fool expression :sweat_smile:

NOT(ISBLANK([Location])) v/s ISNOTBLANK([Location])

It is super fun to find new tricks.

Fun things for Appsheet. There are load of legends in Appsheet team, Steve, Aleksil everyone from Appsheet. They develop super fantastic platform. But they did not expect things what the platform actually can do.

For the last couple of years, I m working on Appsheet to find new tricks which is just a fun. I m Appsheet partner and consultant to push Appsheet to my clients, so it is MUST i need to do haha.

Forgot to mention, there are loads of legends from community side on this super fantastic Appsheet community place as well. They are not from Appsheet team, just either user, partner, but they are motivated to help the worlds to guide to the right direction.

We are growing up all together. Forgot I mention!

My skills are limited, but just being coached by this community throughout the last years. Was helped, then need to help after that. That s my notion.
Sorry i talked bit too much, with glass of SAKE now.

Nigh nigh.


Honestly this post is inspired by @Steve answer to my previous post. Less processing would make our apps run & sync faster, less server load, etc.

So jealous hearing that you’re having sake coz I must stop drinking after badly sick lately. Anyway…cheers !


It would be benefit for all (users, developers & AppSheet) if AppSheet provided an Expression Performance Index rating (such as 1 to 5) the speed of each base expression. Developers can modify/revise (if possible) their expressions to improve app’s performance.

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