Azure SQL db and images

Is anyone using a cloud db and been successful in displaying images?

I read the help article that discusses image and file columns. My main cloud file system in settings is hitting Smartsheet. but as we know that doesn’t really have a file system. When I create an app, Smartsheet automatically creates a folder for that app. Do I create a sheet to capture the images? If so, how do I get sql to recognize the sheet in order to display the image?

I am looking for some guidance on how best to do this.


Hi @tcanelli! You can absolutely capture images in your data by simply having a column titled “Images” on the corresponding sheet. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to work with images.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks Jennifer. I’m okay with images themselves, my issue is how to store them in the SQL db so they display properly in Appsheet. That’s where I’m struggling. I’ve read that it’s not wise to store images directly in the db and that I need to somehow just store the file path and then somehow retrieve that file path to get the image to display - but I’m not sure how to do that if my default is using Smartsheet.

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Hi Tammi,

I see your appsheet account is using your Smarsheet account?
I ve never used Smartsheet so not particularly familiar how the images files are stored on Smartsheet/Appsheet combination. I m saving all the files on my G Suite account, but never see any issue before in terms of the data size etc.

Anyway, on the ground you are using Smarsheet account as root for all the app you made, then the default behavior of the Appsheet keeps saving files on the same cloud service, i.e. Smartsheet in this case. I understand you want to twist this a bit to save files to other location, is it correct?

Then try this out.

Assuming you do have google account which can be used for your business. If this google account is yet added to your app as optional data source, please do so first.

Then go to MY Account, then open Stores tab.

We can add AWS or other bucket service where the files are saved as blob data, but handling storage service like AWS, Firebase and other is bit more tricky and not easy rather than Google account. So I suggest you go with Google (Basically free) if you dont have any other particular preference.

Anyway, once you add google account as new stores, then you should be able to get the option to select file path / location.

Go to info pane on your app, and open app properties tab and go to default app folder and change over to your file location over the google drive. (i assume you probably need to manually create the folder?)

I’ve never tested physically this option before, but should work.

One of the concerns and unknown factor to me is how to construct the app folder path, either relative or full path ?

Appsheet team and community, if something wrong here, i welcome your comments.

Hope this makes sense and work through to solve your issue.


There is an article to backup @tsuji_koichi. Though his description is more detailed, having another reference point might be useful.

@tcanelli, did you get this to work? I am just starting down this path using Google Cloud SQL (postgresql). I don’t think my pictures are being saved but the file name is being filled in.

No, ended up using a smartsheet just for the pictures.

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