Azure SQL Server - With OneDrive Storage for images/files

Is it possible to use a SQL Server table, with OneDrive for file/image storage.

Our enterprise account is tied to a google account. (Not sure if that matters… probably does…)

We have a mysql database and have gdrive as our file storage so :crossed_fingers:

But the Appsheet account is tied to that google account, right?


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Yeah, I’m looking to “add” one drive as a cloud storage option, but it’s not listed…
I can add o365 as a data source… I think I’m screwed…

Further, I’m trying to have files saved by project, not by table… so, I also need the flexibility of cloud storage sources…

Oh you said OneDrive, my mind went to DropBox.

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@Grant_Stead At this moment you can only save files and images to your default account. If you need to save files to OneDrive, you should have Office365 as a default account.

Got it.
If I did that, I also probably wouldn’t be able to do dynamic folders where I can have multiple apps/tables storing files in the same folder.

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I think you would still have this feature? The default folder path option should still be available

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