Back Button After Form Submission

Hi, So after I submit a form I see this back arrow in the top left and it allows you to go back to the previous detail view and edit the row again. How should I work around on this?

Note: Back Arrow on the Top-Left

Takes me here:

Note: Even after I set status to “Recommended” I can go back and edit it again using the back button

You either need to use a slice to control the edit on the entire table. Or have Editable_IF formulas on all the rows. Such as

ISBLANK([Updated Date])

So with this example once the date is there it cannot be changed. Even though the edit button would be there


Yup thats sort of the work around I came up with but it still doesn’t solve the issue completely the user can still see the previous record they just edited

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Create an action that takes them to another view upon saving the record

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the back button still persists and it just goes back to the previous view until eventually it can’t go further back and then it turns into the 3 lines side menu button