Backend database connections limit question

Good day,

I’m looking to leverage either a MySQL or SQL Server database for the backend of my app (on Google Cloud)

I will be white labelling the app to publish on Google and Apple app stores.

I have two questions:

  1. How does AppSheet handle connections to backend database? For example, is every user considered a “database connection” or does AppSheet use a separate mechanism to handle the communications back and forth between the Appsheet and database? As I look at the MySQL licensing, it looks like it the database connections max out at 4000 connections. So if Appsheet just does a pass through of users and our app has more than 4000 connections just wanting to address this item of scale now before I deploy.
    Just looking to understand if Appsheet leverages some sort aggregated communication channel to backend database

  2. Any feedback the user community has on either MySQL or SQL Server re: usage, performance, pricing etc. I’ve worked with SQL a lot but new to MySQL. However I know MySQL is heavily deployed and is generally considered a good reasonable database from a price perspective while performing equally as well as SQL Server.
    Any feedback would be most appreciated.


Apps never directly interact with the database, either directly or by proxy. The app works with a device-local copy of the data. The data is periodically synced with AppSheet servers. It’s the AppSheet servers that interact with the database.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for that info.

So what you’re saying is that I don’t need to worry about a database plan that has to scale based on users, correct?

For example if my app is in use by 5000 users, I don’t need a database plan that provides for 5000 concurrent users, correct?

So is there anything I need to be aware of re: connection between Appsheet App and a database residing on Google Cloud?


I can’t make any commitments, and can only speak in hypotheticals here and based on my incomplete understanding of AppSheet’s inner workings. However, given that app users are funneled through AppSheet’s servers, and it’s AppSheet’s severs that talk to your database, I would expect a vastly smaller number of database connections than users. It’s probably also hugely unlikely all 5000 users would all simultaneously sync. That said, I encourage you to contact I expect they’re in a much better position to address these very legitimate concerns.

The best I can do is point you to the web site, I’m afraid, and Sales.

Thanks Steve,

I suspected as much, that there is some aggregated “pipe” between Appsheet and database, just wanted to validate. Otherwise, if it were a “user pass through” the database licensing could be very expensive.

Thanks again, I’ll reach out to the sales team.


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