Background Sync More Noticable

Hi! I have users that often make entries with background syncs, but they often leave the app before it is complete, and It messes up my action and workflows. I would like to keep it as a background sync. However, I would recommend either a feature where background sync or not is formulated and custom based on conditions, or that it is more noticeable when a background sync is going on, but not completed, rather than an orange dot. I have tried to tell my users, but they forget, and I don’t want to bother them too much. Do you think this is possible?

I agree with this, I have just done forced syncs for every update/app entry but it slows down the speed of entry considerably.

I had the same problem as the user would just go back to the app launcher before sync was complete Evan with multiple reminders…

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For workflow sensitive actions, you could consider using a grouped action to force the sync.

It would be cool if the act of forcing a sync could be made easier. e.g. in the action definition, if we could have a toggle for “require sync”. Otherwise, we have to change our action to a group action, and the linktoview() sync action. (needs 2 additional actions just to sync).

yes but in the background… or if leaving the app that all unsynced items get synced in the background while going back to the app launcher.