Background syncing

Can anyone confirm whether data syncs while the app is open but in the background or when the the device screen is locked? My experience thus far is that it does not. Is this correct?


If you set Automatic background updates to ON, then the app data is updated in 30min intervals

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I also think it does NOT sync in the background. In any case I think that some ui widget should show on the app how much time passed since the last update. The user has no idea if it is synced so he must sync before use which might be redundant.


I can confirm: background syncing is not happening at least with iOS devices even with automatic syncing enabled. The app must be in the foreground for syncing to occur. If the app is in the background or the device is locked, syncing does not take place.


Lately I observe the same, I posted several problems in this regard in G +, because I also observed data loss and Aleksi Alkio is dealing with the issue. Before the synchronization worked perfectly, now it is locked and there are tens of minutes even in the foreground and updating manually.

It does NOT sync also on Android when in the background

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It would be nice to have a response to this thread from someone at AppSheet. I think this thread identifies a major problem with AppSheet. I have students using an AppSheet app I made and they tend to be quite impatient. Most of the time when they are actually using the app, the syncing goes on in the background so it’s not a major problem. However, when the app is started and when they move to a new task in my app, they need to wait for the sync. If I could tell them “Yah, it takes a little while to sync sometimes but, you can just do something else on your phone while you’re waiting” I think they would accept that. But they don’t like just having to sit and wait. On a computer, this is no problem – we can do something else while we are waiting for AppSheet to catch up. Phones, however, seem to be a different matter. If there’s a technical issue that prevents this, I like to know what it is. Thanks!


I was able to get a background sync to work nicely on my Android device by not on my iOS device. Perhaps this is a device specific problem. If there’s any way to make an iOS device do this properly, I’d like to know about it. I have “Background App Refresh” turned on for AppSheet but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

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@LeventK I think you are referring to background syncing from other users, are you not? (“Automatically retrieves changes made by other users”)


I would really like to know what the answer to Michael’s question is on iOS. On my device, if I start a sync and the navigate to another app before the sync has completed, I get an error. This is a very important issue for my users so I would really appreciate more information on how this works on different devices.

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I data saver on?

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I’m testing on an iPod Touch, so I don’t have the options for cellular data that an iPhone has. So, the device only uses WiFi. I wonder if you have not experienced any sync problems on iOS devices when you navigate away from AppSheet. If so, perhaps this is a device specific issue.

@Steve @Kirk_Masden
I don’t believe the connection type makes a difference. WiFi or cellar, if a change is made and a sync begins, if the user navigates away from the app, a network connectivity error is thrown and the sync appears in the app to not have completed although the changes are made in the backend. The user at this point must click Cancel and then re-sync.

I see. Thanks. This is what I wanted to know. It’s a bit disappointing, though. I wish AppSheet could get rid of the connectivity error. Any error message is always disconcerting for users. Also the need to click Cancel and then wait for the re-sync is also problematic.

You’d rather errors not be reported?

No. Sorry for the confusion. I’d rather that errors not occur. I thought perhaps that it was a false alarm sort of error but now I see that’s not the case.

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I do not think it’s a false mistake, I attributed it to my wifi, I hired a 50mb connection and everything is the same. The synchronization is hung, while the rest of the phone app works without problems. I cancel and resynchronize until at the end it does.
I have seen these problems since the end of last year. Before, it did not happen.

Thanks for the feedback, @Alfredo_Pou! I hope AppSheet can fix this. In my view, it’s a major problem. My Android phone works well enough (syncing in the background) but there are a lot of iOS users out there so this is important.

I am an Android user and I have the same problems. In my opinion it is a problem of server capacity, because it is not always the case, there are times when everything synchronizes correctly and there are times that it can take 10 minutes to update.
I started noticing problems when I switched to the 5 button view, which coincided with the announcement that the 1 dollar plan was discontinued. In the 5-button view, the end of synchronization is no longer displayed (there used to be an animation spinning). I think that in any of those modifications there is a bug.

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Thanks! I hope AppSheet can use some of the funding they have received to work on this problem:

Hi everyone - great topic. Was this ever addressed?

I could have sworn that my updates were processing even when the app was closed/hidden a few weeks ago. This week I notice that the app has to be in the forefront in order for updates to go through.

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