Bad Request error - Generate report between 2 dates

Good morning colleagues, I have the following problem, when I make my sales report of all the sales that I was generating, everything works perfect, but when I want to make the filter so that it looks for me between 2 dates (start date and end date), it gives me a Bad Request error.

In my reports table I have my columns of Fecha, Fecha Inicial and Fecha Final
In my PedidosHeader table i have my column Fecha.

<<START: FILTER(“PedidosHeader”, AND([Fecha]>=[Fecha Inicial], [Fecha]<= [Fecha Final]))>>

If I eliminate the AND code in the workflow and only leave “true” everything works fine but obviously without the filter, can you help me? I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong!
Millions of thanks

Hi! Welcome to AppSheet.

I would start by including an image of the exact error you are receiving. Maybe there is something i there that will help us inform you of why the issue is happening?

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AppSheet doesn’t know [Fecha Inicial] and [Fecha Final] refer to the columns in the Reports table.

Try this instead:

<<START: FILTER(“PedidosHeader”, AND([Fecha]>=[_THISROW].[Fecha Inicial], [Fecha]<= [_THISROW].[Fecha Final]))>>

Good catch!!

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Great, working!! Love u!

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