Bad request for PDF files

All the links I’ve created to call files within a workflow template are not working. They’re showing “Bad Request”, nothing but that message.
Any ideas? The PDF generated from the workflow opens, but the links to other files called inside the pdf are broken.
Looks like it’s cropping the URL address, making the link incomplete.
Here is one file example

This is how the link on the generated PDF presents:

And this is how it should be:

Probably best to contact directly for this.

OK! I will do that!


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Hi I do have the same issue.

Weird think. That was good. It just stop working. And the PDF it is generate correctly. It is in the folder drive.

Please check the option from Security > Options > “Require Image and File URL Signing”. If it’s ON, please try to turn it as OFF and see if it solves your problem.

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This solves the issue.


Did you add this button recently right ?

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Yes, about week ago.

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