[Bar Shape Text Button] Alternative usage of quick edit for detail view with enum/button

I posted a feature request before to get the new feature, “text button” to fire the action etc. While I wait for the time it happens, I come up with a workaround to get the some sort of action button UI.

The trick is rather simple and not difficult to arrange. Action button is just a button for Enum type data field, and only one (1) option is made available all the time. Once the app user hit the button, it is appsheet default "buggie” behavior where it clears the field value. Then we can associate action, such as sending email, alert, notification, change value whatsort ever, which is fired through the workflow as well.

And twisting this trick further, by making this enum field to “required” then the button turns to be “unclickable” button, but which makes the text values standing out.

I made qucik sample app for community.


This is not perfect solutions, as it requires a bit of time to toggle the button (not super responsible) , as this tricks involves workflow to be fired on the backend, but it is alway better than nothing.



I like the use of the large button like that, looks like you’re developing a smart device integration. :grin:


Nice hack thank you @tsuji_koichi :slight_smile:


Hi @tsuji_koichi

Another creative and useful one from you, thank you very much.


Another way to turn on the light :slight_smile:

2 Enum columns: [On] and [Off]
Reset on Edit is enabled

Detail View with Quick Edit:

You can also use SVGs for images.


I use this trick for an on / off button with these icons:

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 18.31.31 Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 18.31.40