Barcode and QR-code scanning in AppSheet

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We’re in the process of updating the barcode and QR-code scanning capability in AppSheet apps. We will be providing a default scanner based on Google’s ML and scanning technology. As we roll this out in phases, some of you will observe some changes. Scanning on Android devices will have a slightly different user interface and experience. While the focus mode and scan success indicator are temporarily unavailable, the flashlight and camera scanning features will continue to be available. At this time, there is no change in the iOS device scanning experience.

As a reminder, barcode and QR-code scanning is not supported in the Free and Premium plans. However, whatever plan your account is on, prototype apps can always experiment with scanning. As we roll this change out, there may be a period of time during which prototype apps use the newer scanner experience while deployed apps maintain the former scanner experience.

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partyparrot (Appsheet)

Hi we use printed barcodes generated from workflows .

My QR codes are now broken. Is there a quick fix for this?


Here is a sample expression CONCATENATE("",[Production Id],"-",[Desc])

Please email and include the screenshot.


Hi @Elijah_Magrane
This issue you’re reporting is about barcode generating and this is independent of the barcode scanning functionality according to our engineers. So it’s likely to be due to something else.
The team saw you opened a support ticket and will follow up with you.

Thank you


Google Image Chart is deprecated, not recommended to use this service in production app.

i suggest you use other services such as

They could be more stable.


Switching over to did the trick. Thanks @tsuji_koichi

It would be nice to have some sort of repository for sources for things like this


Check out the Tips and Tricks category - that’s what that’s for! partyparrot (Appsheet)

It would be nice if AppSheet could generate a Barcode for us if we needed.


We have one application in prototype, but Barcode scanning on Android is not working, actually we can scan QR code but not barcode.

Please contact for help with this.

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I have a same experience that QR code scanner still working but not with barcode.

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I tested my app, but working fine to read bar code as well as QR…

Not sure exactly what is happening, but may be depending on the appsheet plan we are, same may or may not fact this problem?

Always better to ask and call for assitance


Do you maybe have Huawei phone, because we have figured that on Samsung and iPhone it is working as before.

We are still in prototype and as far as I have found it should work. It was working in 12/2020, and since last week not.
But as far as we have figured out we have problem only with Huawei phones, Samsung/iPhone work as before.

I am using Samsung. I re-test the barcode scanner and found that they need a larger barcode to be detect. From previous version there have a box and line to help us arrange the barcode on it. But now the scanner show in the camera view without box or line which make it hard to have a full of barcode scan.

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there was update from 27/01/2021 for Appsheet that in my case reolved the barcode scanning issue.


How this affect Pro plans and Android white label Apps APK not deployed in Google Play?
For this APK that are not deployed in Google Play do we need to do the update?

Yes, the APK needs to be regenerated. This is independent of the channel of distribution and applies to MDM for instance as well as the Play Store.