Barcode icon overlap

when I’ve a “scannable” text field and the text lenght is not short, it happens that the barcode icon overlap the text like in the uploaded pic; is there a way to avoid or control it? Thank you.



Although, as I think abut it…

Try changing the column type from Text to LongText.

LongText not scannable :frowning:

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Boo. I wasn’t sure. I suggest you post in #requests to enhance the display of scanned values.

Just for a workaround till the fix is introduced, place a virtual column refereing to the scannable field in order to display the texts you scanned and place it just below the scannable fields. OFC, this field is set to longtext. This vc is shown if "isnotblank([scannablefield])

Likewise, scannable fields is hidden on the condition "isblank([scannablefield]) or “isblank([this])”

Place action to clear the value of scannable field (make it null) to prepare the case where the user wish to re-scan the value.