Barcode scan for info only

Hi, I just want a simple app where I can scan a product barcode and info about that product is displayed e.g. pic, name, details, brand etc. Just simple scan/read only app, no manual entry/editing of anything scanned. What is the easiest way to set this up please? Once scanned it should show info for only that product.


Hi @Naghman_Khan. Check out this sample app that is pretty close to what you want (on the web you’ll need to type in the product id instead of scanning. Try typing “blue pen”.)

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@tony thanks the main thing i need is to view some data/image about the thing scanned? The example you sent only scans then records timestamp but does not show any data in the app?

@Naghman_Khan Whoops! I sent the wrong sample app. This is the one I intended:

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Tony trying to talk to someone at appsheet about pricing but none of the contact forms accept my gmail address. Can you help?



Try emailing directly.