Barcode scan / inventory

I’m playing around with building an inventory app, the barcode scanning is throwing me for a loop.

The “tag” we use is a datamatrix which contains 3 sets of data separated with a “/” the actual number we are trying to match on is the 2nd set of data. When you scan it is trying to match on the entire string. How can I make it match just on the 2nd set of data?

Please explore if following helps.

You may create another column , called say [ExtractedScan] with an expression something like

INDEX(SPLIT([Scan Column], " /") , 2 )

Then you may match with this extracted scanned barcode data column.

I could not test it though.


Yeah the problem is we don’t already know the last bit of data that is in the barcode… not something that was ever tracked so when we scan it that is the first time we know about it.

Thank you for the update. You may wish to further elaborate your recent update.

May we know if you mean the data is not consistently in the format something like

1234 /1234567890123 / 54321

If it is feasible for you to share a consistent scanned data pattern and the desired extract you wish out of it, community may be able to suggest a solution.

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