Barcode scanner help

I need help. I added the barcode scanner in my app, but when I scan things it creates a new product row for me with the same barcode. How do I get it to group all the same barcodes together? I want to scan it and either add it or take it away. I want it to take away and have it automatically either add or take away from my in-stock inventory with that associated barcode…

Hi Jenny,

It sounds like you have included a scannable field in a form view - the form view is intended to add new rows to a table, but can be used to modify existing records by using a Workflow or by incorporating a calculated field which sums all adds and removes of a given product.

For an example of how to use a barcode scanner to add and remove from an inventory record, please have a look at this handy example app which does just that;

Let me know if this helps or if you need additional info!


In the case of the App above, Product Inventory, Sales, and Adds are all recorded in separate tables. The Product inventory table then uses this formula to calculate the available inventory of the products in the “Current Stock” virtual column;

SUM([Related Purchases][Quantity]) - SUM([Related Sales][Quantity]) + [Initial Stock]

We have an additional sample app which carries the same function here