Barcode Scanner: Photo App or Scandit?

Is AppSheet using Scandit Barcode Scanner as @praveen wrote here:

Or is it using the phone’s camera as told here:

We have the problem that the scanner is not doing auto focus.

Hi @Fabian, AppSheet’s scanning feature uses Scandit. In that help article, when you see “AppSheet can use the camera on your phone” you can add on “(using Scandit)”.

@Gil Do you know if anything has changed related to auto-focus?

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Nothing I’m aware of.
@Fabian is it happening only on one device?
If so, which device is it?

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Thank you @Tony and @Gil
This is happening only on Google Nexus 5X with Android 8.

I’ve noticed the scanner would not auto-focus when it’s dark, but as soon as I turn my camera light on, auto-focus kicks in.


@Fabian did the flashlight trick helped?
Do you experience similar issues with that phone’s camera (outside of AppSheet)?

@Gil the flashlight trick didn’t help.
We tried also the Original Scandit App. This App is working much faster. We also saw that you can change the settings in the Scandit App to “High Resolution”. Can we do this also in AppSheet?


This is our Phone:

We use this phone only for Barcode Scanning and Image Capturing.

Also: when you take a picture, it is using the default Camera App, but not with HDR.
This is the Camera App itself:

You can enable HDR.
But when you use AppSheet, this HDR button is not shown.

@Fabian Did the Scandit app worked better even with high resolution turned off?

Would you mind shooting me an email at and mention this community thread and my name?