Barcode Scanner + Search

Hi, I had a feature working and then I did something and I seem to have stopped the function.
I have a field where one can select the product for an order. This field you can either search the product or use barcode scanner to find it. For some reason the search part has stop working as in I am not able to pull down a list of products as it was before , only the barcode scanner is working. In all the order details, and products where “barcode” is both search and scan are turned on. Where do I look?

If I turn off the scan, the search works!


How do you read the list for the dropdown? With a Valid If formula?

Hi thanks for responding…

No I just enable search and it allows the full list of the products to scroll from

So… it’s a Ref field?

Yes, in the orders details under columns the barcode is ref type and its pointed to products where the barcodes are.