Barcode Scanning Check-In Station

A popular scenario for using the barcode scanner is to check-in people (visitors, guests, students, etc.). A simple app for getting started with this scenario includes two tables: a table of people, and a table to log check-ins.

In this scenario, the app simply presents a form for scanning ID cards - as long as those IDs are already in the contact table, the barcode will be recognized and the name and picture of the user will be displayed.

Check out the App Definition Here

Follow the steps below to test out this application:

  1. Send this link to your device and install this public application:

  2. Use that app to scan the example ID card below

  3. When your scan is saved, see it populate in the app data


I’m interested in this app but I would like to avoid to show others people name in the ID dropdown menu, how to do that?

Perhaps change the label column, put the card number column as a label too…in this way the dropdown will show ids or codes ?

This is why I would like to enable front facing camera, and have a permanent tablet when the user can scan a barcode…

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…and would be nice to have a “directly printed from Appsheet” Label Printer for a “ticket” or wristband when the visitor checks in :wink: ;-). But will have to wait for that functionality. Printing through Zapier and a MailtoPrinter facility is too slow


@Jonathan_S have you managed to do this with the Front Facing Camera?

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This is something close to what I am looking for. Check-in with time (done) - then check-out with time(after verifying Check-in). Actual use for equipment check-out date/time then check-in date/time