Barcode scanning problem

Trying to get my head around this workflow. Basically, when adding stock I need to just scan the barcode not have the barcodes from products populate. I need it to look like the product barcode form where I can just scan it, and not have it populate like the last photo. I have tried to change the “type” from ref to text but it seems to break the app.

If I understand correctly, you want the Add Stock form “Product Barcode” field to look like the “Product Barcode” field in the Dynamic Inventory Form so you can scan in the product barcode.

If so, then it seems like the “Scannable” property is not turned on for that Product Barcode field. You’ll find this in the “Other Properties” section of the column definition. See the image below


Thank you, I turned the bar code scanning off for some testing as I am using a zebra scanner. However that is not the issue, the issue is I don’t want barcodes to populate when adding stock.

Forgive me, now I’m confused. You don’t want them to populate where? In the field, or as a dropdown list?

I don’t want the dropdown list to appear when a user tries to input a barcode. Im having a hard time explaining it, sorry! Thank for you help.

As I thought about it more, I realized you are wanting to scan in a NEW barcode and not have them have the capability to chose an EXISTING one.

The dropdown list is controlled by the Valid_If property in the column. You must have some SELECT() statement in there. Remove that and you should be good.

If you have no Valid if expression for a Ref-type column, AppSheet will automatically provide the pop-up you’re getting. You can affect that behavior by setting a Valid if expression. Either of the following expressions will accept a recognized scanned barcode without producing the pop-up:

AND(TRUE, IN([Product Barcode], barcode-table[barcode-column]))
OR(FALSE, IN([Product Barcode], barcode-table[barcode-column]))

Replacing barcode-table with the name of the table that identifies known barcodes, and barcode-column with the name of the column in that table that contains those known barcodes.

If you’d instead prefer to accept any scanned barcode, recognized or not, simply set the Valid if expression to TRUE.

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Thank you, I have tried to make a few changes to the validity but the issue is still ongoing. Maybe im inputting it wrong?

No Valid_If property, but it looks like appsheets adds it on automatically. Trying to find a way to make the input valid no matter what it is.

Please provide a screenshot (or shots) showing the entire column configuration, with all sections expanded.

Here they are

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Well, everything looks okay… But you’re still getting the drop-down with existing barcodes?

@Fabian_Anguian I was little rushed earlier as I needed to step out so I wasn’t thinking clearly.

As @Steve correctly surmised earlier, this is a Ref column and you will get that dropdown automatically. As far as I know, you can’t get rid of it. Its kind of the idea of a Ref column.

So I’m curious, for the Add Stock to work best, contrary to what i was thinking earlier, it seems you would only want to be able to use Barcodes that already exist in your Product list.

Why wouldn’t you want to have the dropdown list available?
Is there some problem with it? Or are you just trying to force them to scan the item?

@Fabian_Anguian Please try this:
Under UX --> Options --> turn off the “Allow scan input override”


Yeah still having the same issue.

Yeah the idea is to just have them scan the item, to many barcodes to have to have them search.

Tried but the issue is still persisting, thanks, however!

I created a little tester app to play with this.

You had mentioned you had “turned off” the Scannable property for testing. If that is off then the setting “Allow scan input override” is essentially ignored and you will still get the dropdown.

If you have “Scannable” on and “Allow scan input override” off, then you should get a scannable field with NO dropdown. However, it does still compare the scanned entry against the existing list and if the scanned barcode is not present you will get this message:

I hope this helps!


That was it! Thanks for taking the time to do that for me much appreciated!

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Actually @Fabian should get the credit. I wasn’t even aware the “Allow scan input override” was an option.

Wow! two Fabian’s in the Community. What are the odds of that?!?

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