My App is about DATES. Basically, DATES’ function manipulation in APPSHEET is my problem. I am good with dates in Excel though.

Below is the problem:

I have a Table of employees that contains

  • Credentials (LICENSE, CPR, TRAINING etc.)as columns,
  • The staff are the rows and populated by
  • The dates they expire as the cells.

The functions work in Excel

For example, the excel formula to determine how many days have expired in order to issue and ALERT is below:


Where cell D2 contains a date value of column LICENSE of employee1.

The output is a number (after formatting from date), that tells me how many days the license is DUE or EXPIRED.

I wrote the expression below in APPSHEET.


(and assigned the result to X_License = [LICENSE]-TODAY(), with the results as text data type.).

I got the ERROR message below.

Date arithmetic expression ([TRAINING]-TODAY()) has an invalid operator

What is an invalid operator?

Please who can I contact so I don’t have to tear my hair out figuring things (that work in EXCEL) out?

I am currently using the PREMIUM instead of the FREE edition because I need all the help I can get since I am a novice programmer, the main reason why I chose (no coding) APPSHEET.

Better still, if someone wants to mentor me for a small fee, I will be happy.

Thanks to you APPSHEET people.