Basic Example of a Report in Excel Format

I just need a very basic example of a report. I’ve read through all the template examples and can’t get mine to work right. Can someone provide a sample of what to enter in the template to return ALL the results of a slice in Excel format? I got my action/process/task/email working already. Just need the correct template.

Slice name: VIP
Unique ID: LineID
Columns to include in the report: [Full Name], [SKU Title], [SKU]


If you use a BOT, try Manage > Monitor > Automation Monitor, and see if it reports what is wrong.
Usually gives you a clue… (slow though…)

Please post a screenshot of your template.

@Steve Here’s what I got. After countless effort I finally got it to work. All the examples in the documentation were too complex. If they just had a simple one It would be much better for newbies like me to grasp an understanding and then expand on it.

Anyway, I got it to work. Except I have the email event set to created it as an attachment .xlsx, and when I download the file and open it in excel I get an error.

<<Start:OrderBy(VIP This Event[LineID], [Event Date], false, [Full Name], false)>><<[Waiver Signed]>>

Here’s the error when trying to open in Excel: