Basic question on form used and contents of form on edit

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I have records filtered using a slice that are rendered as a tabular view on UI.
I see a “>” on each row which when I click leads to another form (view) which is showing a different set of fields for this record. I would like to change the set of fields and re-order the display. So trying to figure out how to do that.

When I click on “>” I am guessing it opens one of the system generated views. I see there are three of them with names: tablename_form tablename_detail and tablename_inline. I do not see any columns specified in any of them.

I am wondering

  • which of these views does the “>” take me to?
  • what decides the view that “>” leads to?
  • to change the set of fields, I guess okay to edit the fields on system generated view? Does changes get overwritten on some regeneration?
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bumping up the thread
@Phil , wondering if you can answer or point me to some documentation on this

(Steve Coile) #3

The “>” takes you to the detail view.

The table view’s Row selected event decides what to do when a row is selected.

Feel free to edit the system-generated views. They only get regenerated if you delete them.

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(mahesh G) #4

@Steve, thanks for the pointer.
So are you saying the default behavior is for it to go to tablename _detail view?
What’s strange is even after I modified the system views tablename _detail and tablename _inlineto to have only columns I want, the view the “>” take me to shows some other columns, leading me to believe it is a some other view.

Currently the row selected is set to “auto”. The other options are Edit Add and a ref view. Tried "Edit and that takes me to a form.

So still puzzled :thinking:

(mahesh G) #5

@Steve, I found the reason for this behavior. I was chasing the generated views for the table when I should have been going after the generated views for the slice I am using.

Once I fixed that view, it is working as expected. I may still have some more questions regarding this but the one I asked earlier please disregard. Thanks!

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