Batch delete of prototype apps

Hi, I have 130 prototype apps in my account, is there a way to delete most of them by tagging them in groups? Click on each and deleting is tedious.
And why do I have so many prototypes? Because relying on versions restore is unreliable, When I try to restore an older, the file mostly ca’t be found. So, I choose to save a copy instead. This is also tedious, but safe.
Thanks for any response!

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There is not. :frowning:


I do backups the same way. And when you delete the app, it doesn’t give you a choice to also delete the data associated with that app. So I have a tons of extra spreadsheets, all named TYPE, since that is the first table in my app.

I really wish AppSheet would name, or give you the chance name, the data file created when you copy your app. I would always name it the same thing as that copy to help keep them straight.